The merit badge program gives scouts the opportunity to investigate over 100 different areas of knowledge and skills. Merit badges play a major role in the scouting advancement program and participation can begin as soon as a scout registers with Troop 818. Each scout can explore topics from American Business to Woodworking. 

Getting Started

Before you begin to work on a merit badge you must have permission from the Scoutmaster. After the Scoutmaster gives you permission to start a merit badge you will be given a "blue card." The blue card is what tells your merit badge counselor that you have permission to start.

Merit Badge Counselors

Troop 818 has merit badge counselors in place to help you complete the merit badges that you are interested in. If our Troop does not have a merit badge counselor for a badge that you are interested in we can help you find one through local and council resources.

If you are an adult and have a passion that lines with one of the merit badges we encourage you to sign up as a merit badge counselor. Ask the Scoutmaster how.

When working on merit badges please remember that youth protection guidelines must be followed including no one-on-one contact. Find a buddy to do the merit badge with you or have a parent stay with you as you meet with your counselor.

Completing your merit badge

You will complete your merit badge when your counselor signs off on your blue card. You will then need to show your completed card to the Scoutmaster or advancement chair. Your accomplishments will be recorded and you will be presented your badge at the next Court of Honor.


The primary resource for merit badges is the newest merit badge pamphlet. Troop 818 has a library of pamphlets that you may use or you may purchase one at the Scout Store. The online resources below will help you as you complete the badges as well.

Official BSA Merit Badges - The official BSA merit badge site with links to each badge, rank requirements and resources. - The merit badge section of has many resources.

Merit Badge Worksheets - Worksheets that counselors and Scouts can use to help keep track of their progress.